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Rocky's Photos:

Most of these pics will be of my horses, in various stages of their training.

Bear & Rocky, winter 99-2000

Bear, saddle training, May 2000

Bear, saddle-sacking, May 2000

Bear, go get the frisbee

Bear, pick it up

Bear, here, here (to my hand)

Bear fetched the frisbee, handed it to me, got a click & a treat! All this, in less than 3 hours under saddle.

Judy, from Clickryder, & Rocky meet for first time, June 2000

Foster son Aaron & mini-filly Justina, learning Clicker Training together

Aaron at Jubilee Boy's Ranch, 2000

Aaron riding Socks at liberty, Jubilee Boy's Ranch, 2000

Aaron assisting to sack out Bear by dragging tire behind him

Bear at liberty, 2.5yrs, 1999

30yr old Seyna (gray Arab) & Bear's dam, Diamond... follow the tire and get a treat!

Diamond, stocky little mustang

Rocky riding Jezra, retired Arabian Park Horse who spent his last five years of life teaching Rocky how to ride bareback...miss u Jez!

Misty-mini finally learning to pick up the frisbee...she'll honk bike horns, play piano & soccer, and jump at liberty, but darn it, she don't wanna fetch!

Justina, Aaron's mini-filly, fetches like a pro...throw it again mommie!

Bear outgrew his mommy! summer 2001

Bear was so easy to train for riding, but I took everything in baby steps, for my sake more than for his...worked great for both of us!

12yr old Brandy and pup, Callie, both strays once

Sasha kitty, once a stray and now my shadow

Oso (Spanish for "Bear") Sasha's brother

12yr old Spitz, once a stray, now Queen of the house, anyone for tea?

14yr old untrained pinto mare, bought for hubby, Peter

Peter named her Jasmine

life in the country

Misty-mini learning to jump at liberty, last week of July of 2000.

Notice that Rocky is showing Misty *exactly* how to jump...just how high ARE Rocky's feet off the ground???

Misty-mini finally learns to pick up the frisbee!!! Aug.2000 Hey, Misty, Let GO!