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Rocky's Home Page:

Do You Like Horses?
As an infant, my third word was "pony" and I've been a horse-nut ever since... just ask my poor hubby, who puts up with my animal-craze. :o)

Do You Like Kids?
I not only collect stray animals, but kids too, every chance I get! Being a champion of the under-dog, it's easy to see how I ended up with 6 cats, 2 dogs, 5 horses, as well as two sons through foster and adoption. The boys are out of the house now, and I'm left with a school full of children since I became the principal and head teacher for the local Christian School.

Do You Like Shaping Behaviors or Training?
I am totally into clicker training, a form of operant conditioning where an animal is asked to perform a behavior, does the behavior, is "clicked" and then treated. I use a mouth click as opposed to a hand-held clicker, and I treat with carrots or grain or cookies. I've used the clicker training mostly on horses, but also on the cats and dog. See my photo page for my famous "Frisbee Fetching Horse!"

If you want to know more about clicker training or problem solving for your horse, check out the list I belong to at www.groups.yahoo.com called clickryder. It's an awesome resource for horse training and was my support group for over a year and a half, as I learned the joys of horsemanship the clicker way. :o)

On my photo page you will see pics of my mustang colt, Bear, and at least one pic of his dam, Diamond. Diamond was an older mustang mare, which everyone said not to touch with a ten foot pole because of her age. BUT, I wanted her baby... and she had a kind eye.

Diamond and I still have a *long* ways to go, but she is just now, after 3 years, starting to really seek me out to do clicker training. She wants to work with me now! This is a huge step for her... she even tooted a bike horn, picked up a dog rope, and we are going to work on those FEET! Being a wild creature for so long, she really doesn't want to be constrained in any fashion. That makes it difficult to trim hooves, as you can imagine!!

My two sons, adopted & sorta-foster, both have worked with miniature horses at the local fair. Aaron, my sorta-foster son, did an awesome job with his mini-filly, Justina. They are on the photo page, with Justina doing a "step up" onto a railroad tie... her favorite trick. :o)

More to come... if I ever find the time!

By the way, if you are clicker training in WA or OR, drop me an email and let's get together if you are near my area. I love sharing ideas. :o)

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This Is Rocky

This is Bear
Diamond's Baby Bear - or just "Bear" - is a 3 year old Mustang colt who I've been training from the ground up... a new experience for the both of us! And's it's been a fun trip so far!! When Bear had 3 hours under saddle, he was already fetching a frisbee and handing it to me while I rode him. There's nothing like Clicker Training. :o)
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